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But if we maintain good roads in Arkansas, here are the opportunities we can achieve for all Arkansans:



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  • Better roads are safer, save fuel, and reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

How You Can Help:

Good roads are good for all. Because we all depend on our highways, roads, streets and bridges every day for business, industry, tourism, healthcare, education, and daily travel to routine destinations. If we take our roads for granted, and allow them to deteriorate, our quality of life will suffer.​​

Joe Quinn

  • Every $100 million invested in safety improvements reduces fatalities by approximately 145 over 10 years.​​

Arkansas has one of the largest state highway systems in the nation, but lacks the dedicated revenue to adequately support it.  In fact, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department’s routine maintenance needs now, and have for some time, exceeded available funding.  Arkansas ranks 12th in the nation in the size of the state highway system, but ranks 43rd in revenue to operate and improve the system. And those facts create a great opportunity for our elected and appointed leaders, and for all Arkansans.

Cost Savings

Economic Growth

The Arkansas Good Roads Foundation exists to effectively use research, communications and education in support of adequately funded statewide highway programs, producing measurable benefits for all Arkansans.

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  • Bad roads cost Arkansans more than $600 per household per year.
  • Arkansas consistently has one of the highest traffic fatality rates in the U.S. 
  • Every $1 Billion invested creates or supports 22,000 private-sector jobs.

​​​​​​Support action for improvements.  Good roads must be a priority for our state to help ensure safety, economic growth, increased jobs, and reduced costs.

  • Arkansas’ highway system ranks 12th in size but 43rd in revenue to maintain them.